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Jul 14 12 6:41 PM

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SynthCoke (+1 Endurance, 1d6+1 min) ............... 10eb

Stim (+3 Endurance, 1d6+1 min)........................... 5eb

Syncomp 15 (+3 antidote, -1 REF, 1d6+1 turns) ... 15eb

Speedheal (+2 heal, -1d6/3 REF, 1d6+1 hour) ..... 165eb

Boost (+1 INT, 1d6+1 hour) ................................... 6eb

Blue Glass (+1 hallucinogen, 1d6+1 min) .............. 9eb

Smash (+1 euphoric, 1d6+1 min) .................... 10eb/6pk

'Dorph (+2 Stun Saves, 1d6+1 turns) ..................... 25eb

Black Lace (+3 Stun Save, +2 CL, 1d6+1 hour)..... 65eb



Prime (+2 CL, +3 A/N, +2 Stun, 1d6+1 hour) ........ 50eb

Timewarp (+3 Initiative, 1d6+1 min) ....................... 30eb

Berserker (+2 BOD, +2 CL, +1 REF, 1d6+1 min) .. 40eb

Sedative (BOD 25 save or unconscious, 1d6+1 hr) .. 4eb

Stim (negates wound penalties, 1d6+1 min) ............ 5eb

Surge (+1 Stun Save, 1d6+1 hour) .......................... 7eb

Trauma 1 (Death Saves 3pts easier, 1d6+1 turns) ... 6eb

Trauma Drugs (20 Streetwise/15 Streetdeal) ....... x2 cost

Military Drugs (30 Streetwise/25 Streetdeal) ........ x3 cost



Spotlight (+2 A/N, 1d6/2 hour) ............................... 4eb

HappyKill (+3 Endurance, Stun Save, 2d6 min) ..... 5eb



Mr. Ex (+1 Endurance, -1 CL, 1d10+1 day) ........... 6eb

Twitch (+2 euphoric, -1 REF, 1d10+1 min) ............ 3eb

Char (+3 COOL, -3 EMP, 1d10+1 min) .................. 5eb



Paracaine (+5 Stun Save, 30 min) ....................... 100eb

Priapan Spray (+1 Stun, +2 Stabilise, 2 hr) ....1/3/5eb



Lucidrine Booster (+2 REF, +5 Initiative, 5 min) ..... 6eb



Tri-Phets (+1 COOL, End, tablet, 1d6+1 hr) ........ 10eb

RPM (+3 hallucinogen, derm, 1d6+1 min) ............. 10eb

Neocorticine (+2 hallucinogen, dot, 1d6+1 min) ..... 10eb

Beauties (+3 euphoric, -3 REF, cap, 1d6+1 min) ... 20eb

Sunnies (+2 COOL, Stun Saves, tablet, 1d6+1 hr) 82eb

Paxium (+1 soporific, tablet, 1d6+1 turns) ............... 5eb



Jazz (+2 REF & CL, 1d10+1turns, tablet) .............. 3eb

Foolkiller (+3 CL, A/N & End, pat, 1d10+1 min)... 20eb

Sixgun (+3 INT & A/N, nerve inject, 1d10+1 hr) ... 21eb

Rambo-7 (+2 BOD, REF, A/N, Stun, 1d10+1min) .. 8eb

LeSade (+2 Aphro, Euph, Coagulant, 1d10+1min) . 6eb

Diamond 4 (+2 heal, Antibiotic, Antidote) ............ 17eb

Thrill (+1 Euphoric, muscular inject, 1d10+1turns) ... 7eb

Skate (+1 Euph, Endurance, tablet, 1d10+1 hr)..... 9eb



Synthcoke 2 (+3 stimulant, injected, 15 mins) ..... 25eb/5

UltraBlue Glass (+4 hypnotic, hallucin, inhale, 12 hr) 1eb

'Dorph Again (+4 euphoric, canned drink, 3 hr) ........ 10eb

Blacker Shade (+2 Initiative & euphoria, inject, 6 hr) .. 50eb

DD-2 (+3 sedative, +1 hypnotic, inhale, 5 min) ..100eb/10

Fireball (+5 Initiative, +4 A/N, contact, 10 min) ........ 250eb

Sweetness (+2 euphoric, +2 A/N, inhale, 3 hr) ........ 10eb

Vulcan Pinch (+4 soporific, injected, 30 min) ............. 5eb

LSD (+3 hypnotic, +4 psychedelic, ingested, 3 hr) .... 5eb

Flame (+2 REF, Endurance, 1d10+1min) .............. 475eb


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#3 [url]

Apr 23 13 2:15 PM

White Lightning
Type: Stimulant
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 8
Duration: 1d10 minutes
Legality: Type A Illegal
Form: Smoke/Inhaled (1d5 turns)
Cost: 80eb for 500mg (street price)
Effect: +3 to Reflex, Increased Endurance +3, Euphoric
Untimed Side Effects: Carcinogenic, Slightly Physiologically Addictive, Possible Attribute Loss (Ref -1 if you fail a Luck roll), Highly Psychologically Addictive
Side Effects: Paranoia, Aggressive Behavior
Drug Features: None
White Lightning is to Synthcoke what crack cocaine is to cocaine. It appears as a pure white crystal powder which is 'rocked' and smoked. Its users are short lived but highly dangerous. 

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#4 [url]

Apr 23 13 2:25 PM

Type: Stimulant
Strength: +5
Difficulty: 90
Duration: Long (1d10 hours)
Legality: Type A Illegal
Form: Gel Cap/Caplet (9+1d6 minutes)
Cost: 2000eb for 1 cap (street price)
Effect: Increased Endurance +5, Euphoric, Sleep Reducer (can go without sleep for long times without penalty)
Untimed Side Effects: None
Side Effects: Unknown
Drug Features: Longer Duration (no need for sleep for roughly 22 hours)
Eden is very rare and difficult to find, not too mention very expensive and sold primarily to corporates and others who benefit from less sleep. 

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#5 [url]

Apr 23 13 11:54 PM

Type: Pain Killer
Strength: +2
Difficulty: 5
Duration: 1d6+1 turns
Cost: 25eb for a dose (injected using a syringe or airhypo)
Effect: +2 to Stun Saves
Side Effect: Drowsiness, Tremors, Possible Nerve Degeneration (1-3 on a d10, lose 1 reflex pemanently), physiologically addictive
Dorph is a combat drug and painkiller, it reduces the effects of stun and shock. It has a nasty side effect of nerve degeneration. Roll a 1d10, on a roll of a 1, you lose 1 Reflex permanently. 

Type: Stimulant
Strength: +1
Difficulty: 20
Duration: 1d6+1 minutes
Cost: 10eb for 500mg (70eb for a eightball, snorted)
Effect: +1 to Endurance, Euphoric
Side Effect: Paranoia, Psychological addiction
Synthcoke is a second generation, synthetic replacement for cocaine. 

Type: Stimulant
Strength: +3
Difficulty: 10
Duration: 1d6+1 minutes
Cost: 5eb for a gel cap/tab
Effect: +3 to Endurance
Side Effect: Mental Delusions
Stim is a stimulant that increases endurance and allows the user to stay alert for longer periods of time. 

Blue Glass
Type: Hallucinogenic
Strength: +1
Difficulty: 18
Duration: 1d6+1 minutes
Cost: 9eb per tab or gel cap
Effect: +1 hallucinogenic
Side Effect: Flashing Out (3 in 10 chance) or being unable to act during duration, all Intelligence skill checks during use are at a -1 penalty
Blue Glass was originally developed as a biological weapon. Under stress, you may have a chance of 'flashing out' and being reduced to staring blankly at the pretty colors in your mind. 

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#6 [url]

Apr 29 13 3:53 PM

Type: Euphoric
Strength: +2
Difficulty: 12
Duration: 1d10+1 minutes
Cost: 3eb for a gel cap/tab
Effect: +2 Euphoria, Liar's Boon (Voice Stress Analyzers & Lie Detectors don't function on you and others suffer a -2 penalty to Human Perception rolls against you)
Side Effect: Reflex Reducer (-1 Ref), Psychologically Addictive
Twitch is very useful for conmen and habitual liars, the drug's euphoria effects are very slight - only a small increase in self-confidence is notice. However, the drug affects physical reactions and responses slightly, causing occasional faces ticks and the like. 

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#7 [url]

May 2 15 3:40 AM

Drugs currently offered by the Syndicate Network.

Tainted Love
Drug Type: Aphrodisiac/Sophoric
Strength: 2
Difficulty: 24
Cost: 600eb per dose
Duration: 1d10 +1 Hours
Side Effects: Reduced Int, Paranoia

This drug by design is for the party and rave crowd. A long lasting high to give the party crowd good feelings and stamina. The crash is some groggy feelings that reduces the users intelligence by 2, and some mild parnoia.

Iceman Cometh
Drug Type: Euphoric/Analgesic
Str: 3
Difficulty: 10
Cost: 300 eb per dose
Duration: 6 hours
Side Effects: NONE

This drug puts the chill in chill out. Adds +3 to cool for a ice cold 6 hours. Non addictive but who doesn't wanna have that +3 cool for all their waking hours? Also has the added benefit of +2 Stun saves for the duration.

Tainted Love 2.0
Drug type: Aphrodesiac/Endurance
Str: 3
Difficulty: 15
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 200
Side Effects: None

This is the revamped version of Tainted love. The original version was a marathon sex drug that lasted a very long time and not very friendly to the casual user. This version is cleaner and better for the common man. Zero downside. +3 Seduction +2 to endurance

Drug Name: Speedheal 2
main effect: speedheal 6 (adds +3 points of healing per day) x6 = 36
side: none
after: clouded thinking 6 (-3 to int&tech rolls for 2D6 hrs after use) x3 = -18
onset: 1 minute = 0
lasts: 6 hrs = +4
residue: normal 0
detection: normal 0
form: injected 0
difficulty: (58) = diff 20 to produce
value: (22) = 600/300/150 (prototype, small batch, mass produced)

The ideal behind Speedheal 2 is simple. A stopgap between Devils Tears and the commonly available form of the drug. While it's affects are virtually the same as Speedheal, the improvement lies in the fact that it's after affects aren't as long reaching as the more common version. Up to 12 hours after the drug has run it's course, the character is in the clear and ready for more mayhem and not the -1 ref for a week after one dose. Trioptium stole this formula from Starchild and sells it commercially.

Money Shot
Main Effect: Sedative 6 X 3= 18
Side Effects:Paralysis 14 pts
After Affects: Drowsiness 1x
Onset Time: 4 Seconds +8
Duration: 12 Hours +8
Detection: Distinctive -4
Residue: Ample -4
Format: Contact +4
Difficulty: {66} = Diff 20 to produce
Value: {10} = 10/5/1

This was a specialty drug specifically created to capture a dangerous felon named Carver who had terrorized Night City. This contact drug was created to be a water soluable gel designed to go around defenses that would slow down or stop bullets. A test of the drug showed some interesting things. The green water would gel up into green globs. Starchild mused that a saturated victim of this drug would look like Shrek gave them a money shot. Thus the drug became known as 'Money Shot'. Touching a damp victim of this drug would cause an unprotected subject to make a save.

Blackhand's Revenge
Main Effect: Speed X 6 {+3 Ref} 30
Side Effects:None
After Affects: None
Onset Time: 1 minute 0
Duration: 1 Hour +1
Detection: Distinctive -4
Residue: Ample -4
Format: Injected 0
Difficulty: {39} = Diff 15 to produce
Value: 22 = 600/300/150

Blackhands Awareness
Main Effect: Awareness X 6 18
Side Effects:None
After Affects: None
Onset Time: I Minute 0
Duration: 1 Hour +1
Detection: Faint +2
Residue: Little +2
Format: Inject 0
Difficulty: {23} = Diff 10 to produce
Value: {23} = 600/300/150

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