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Feb 15 16 6:40 PM

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Posted 2:34 PM Pacific Time, February 15, 2030, News in a Nutshell !

NIGHT CITY, USA: On February 6, 2030, Vanlith Towers was attacked by unknown forces. Mortar shells flew through New Downtown impacting the buildings. CEO Kilroy Vanlith was hit by a 120mm sniper round, but survived.

Suspecting megacorporate involvement, the United States Secretary of Defense Mark Hamlin has secured permission from Congress to delcare war on Lanshire Industries. President Lambert has also declared in a short speech via Arasaka*Vid that he is also endorsing Secretary Hamlin's advice for a declaration of war.

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Feb 15 16 6:56 PM

Posted 2:45 PM, Pacific Time, February 15, 2030, News in a Nutshell !

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS: Earlier this morning at 10 AM Pacific, Honduran and Atlantico officials came together to sign The Treaty of Tegucigalpa, which officially merged Honduras into Atlantico Sur. The new nation of The New Atlantico Sur Republic will retain its original Atlantico constitution.

A parade is underway in Tegucigalpa and Managua to celebrate the occasion.

(Credibility 9)

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