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"Detroit is like a dying animal, its cornered and its gonna' fight to the end." - Dr. James Forsythe, Municipal Director of Dellingr & Interim Mayor of Detroit City

"I judge a city by the quality of art displayed in its graffiti and the danger of its bar fights. In that respect, Detroit is one of the best places in the world." - Rudy Mandel, Reporter for ArcWire Network

Detroit City in 2044 is not a shining metropolis, it is not a mecca for industry, it is not a center of really anything beyond crushing poverty, despair, Third World conditions and crime. It is these factors that has caused it to become a focus of the Dellingr corporation, which has lent itself out to the State of Michigan as a private security force to run Detroit City's government and police during a "temporary transistion period" that has now gone on nearing 10 years. The attempt to stabilize Detroit into a part of the political landscape has met with failure, but what has stabilized is the city's underworld. In a deal meant to keep out the rogue Free American Army insurgents, the shadowy Global Union has taken control of Detroit's criminal empire by forming "the Council" where matters on the street are settled as if they were decisions at a business meeting between prominent members of organized crime. As long as the Council takes care of the criminals who upset the balance, Dellingr corporation looks the other way in turn for tips about the FAA terrorists who are hiding just inside Canadian territory or rural areas of the United States - preparing their next strike. The average citizen of Detroit finds themselves in a dangerous situation as the gangs and corporate security forces take advantage of the city, some of have hired their own private security if they can afford it - while most take the law into their own hands using gray-market technology and easily available weaponry - becoming what the media has called "Night Joggers." 

Detroit Interactive Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Detroit,+MI/@42.3328658,-83.0439009,4020m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x8824ca0110cb1d75:0x5776864e35b9c4d2


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