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Apr 10 15 3:11 AM

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Last night I went to the arts film festival in Night City. 

Well I arrived late because mom had an asthma issue and we couldn't find her inhaler...

I went to see Night City Nights primarily. An independant anime short film from the Oboyan group out of tokyo. The art was done in Japan and voiced by actors in Night City. Bernard Crutcher was one of the actors we all know and love from the Night City Ranger series, but for the most part the talent was unknown. Well until last night. 

One of the voice actresses was on scene last night and her name was Rain. I didn't talk to her, because social awkwardness and all, but she was a hot little number. Tight pink dress, pink hair, and apparently a legit baddass. Why do I say legit badass? Well some Neo Luddites showed up to spoil the party and there was a confrontation. I would give details about the fight, but my irritable bowel syndrome inflamed and I had to go to the bathroom. When I returned the cop had been killed with an axe, all the luddites were knocked out or dead, and Rain was being helped my medical staff. She kicked like 10 asses BY HERSELF!!! Can you believe that shit?

Wow...I would talk more but after the excitement I need to release a bit of tension. Mom bought some new has coconut oil which is supposed to be good for your skin...Just remember the name Rain. Sexy voice...legit badass...
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