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Timeline January 2028Prologue: I remember it like it was yesterday. August 23rd 2015 approximtel 0720 hours. I don't understand the subtleties and practices of the science called Plate tectonics, but I know I was preparing to head to the market for a cup of coffee and donut when the quake hit. There were no warnings, no signs, and the sheer magnitude of the tremors seemed to shake your very soul.
 I remember standing there, then the vibration came...we were always used to those little quakes, but this one built from a little shake, to something I could only relate to being beaten with a dozen jackhammers at once. I was knocked off my feet, hitting the grass in my front yard, only to have it hit me back several times...like a boxer works a heavy bag.  
 When I woke up I was in Geoff Foresters boat. I got up and surveyed the landscape only to see what was once the sprawl of Los Angeles battered and broken. Forester explained the quake was a category 12, something no one had ever heard of before. It hit at the height of the morning rush hour and killed hundreds of thousands in a freeway collapse. Alot the suburban sprawls to the south slid underwater completely, and the whole city seemed to fall about 10 feet below sea level. Some parts of the city used to be ruled by gangs, but soon sharks became the newest and most dangerous predator on the streets. With all the floaters and blood in the water, they came cruising for meals.
 Those first days were the worst. It brought out the good in alot of folks as people rallied to band together and help one another survive until help came. In others it brought out the worst. Gunfire sporadically popped up every few minutes. Forester was a marine corps recon guy, and he had his own guns, but that didn't help settle his edge when a fight popped off.
 Over the next few days our duo grew to six people. Gina was a nurse, Tito was a road worker, Jimmy was an orphan, and Sarah was a professional choreographer. The radio gave sporadic messages telling people to go to the hollywood sign, the only place in the city of angels not covered by water. We ran out of gas and had to paddle which made the trip awful. We lost Tito and Jimmy along the way. Tito was shot by some gangbanger who thought we were coming to kill him. Jimmy fell out of the boat during an aftershock and was quickly taken under by a 9 foot tiger shark. 
 Once we made it to the sign it wasn't any better, in fact it only got worse. Factions had been formed and there became a hierarchy on whom was going to fly out first when the rescue choppers came. A throng of celebrities with armed guards did make it out on one of the first choppers, but chaos began to ensue, shots were fired, and the helicopter was rushed by a mob. The doorgunner mowed down at least 20 people as that blackhawk took off, and the world sank into chaos. 
 Choppers flew over and sporadically people did make it out, but for the most part, if you were in Los Angeles, you were there to stay. Forester took us north, looking for a way, any way, to get us out of the city, but there was no escape. 
 After two weeks we realized no rescue was coming and we had to fend for ourselves. We fell into the northern clan territory, and we were the luckier ones. To the south became gangland central. Worse than that was the areas referred to as no mans land. Over time humans effectively become animals, and the cannibal nation are some of the most horrifying people i have ever seen. 
 Over the years we've learned, through trial and error, how to survive. Our lives aren't easy, and we are forced to get by on next to nothing. The sea provides us decent food, but when it comes to medicine, ammo, and sundries, we often do without.