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May 23 13 4:58 AM

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A note: We do not use Innate Abilities under Character creation. These things are now handled as Benefits & Penalties.


New Benefits 

These are modifications to existing benefits or new benefits. 

New Aptitude Benefits

Job Training (3/6 point benefit) - You have undergone extensive training for career skills. You may choose from a list of career skills or training skills that would normally be imparted to someone doing your job. You gain a number of 'career skills' equal to your Primary Special Ability Rank (such as Authority or Combat Sense) and gain a +1 rank to each skill (not exceeding normal maximums). If you buy the 6 point benefit, you can exceed normal skill maximums at start (up to 8). 

Drive-By Expert (3 Points)
Perhaps you were in a gang or are a veteran in conflicts where violence on the go was the norm, either way, you've got a knack for shooting people from moving vehicles. You suffer no extra action penalty for operating a vehicle and firing a weapon. Other actions beyond these two are at normal penalty. If you are the passenger of a vehicle, you suffer no penalties from firing from a moving vehicle. 

New Physical Benefits

Ambidexterity (2 points), with this benefit, your character does not suffer the -3 penalty for firing two weapons with each hand or using their off hand in an attack or for a skill check. 

Double Jointed (2 points), with this benefit a character gains a +4 bonus to Escape attempts when bound with rope, handcuffs, or to escape a grapple. 

New Temporal Benefits

Bodysculpt Benefit (1-4 points), there are 3 levels of this benefit, 1 point, 2 point, and 4 point. Based on the point cost of the benefit, you may choose to get a bonus to your Attractiveness ability score equal to the point cost of the benefit level you pick up, so 1 point +1 Attr, 2 points +2 Attr, 4 points is +4 Attr - to a maximum Attr score of 12. 

Fake SIN (2 points) - You have someone else's SIN and ID, you are not using your real name, but you gain all the same benefits as someone with a real SIN. Only those who look very carefully at your identity may discover holes in it - requiring a Nearly-Impossible System Knowledge or Library Search skill check.

New Penatlies

New Temporal Penalties

No SIN (1 point) - You do not have a SIN number and do not exist in any government or corporate database, this bars you from getting certain jobs and makes it impossible to pass credit checks and invalidates you for insurance. You may attempt to get a work VISA and gain many of the same benefits as someone who does have a SIN. In many urban areas, you are likely to be treated the same as if you were homeless. 

Debt (4 points) - You start the game in debt to a Bank, Corporation, or even Organized Crime group which charges you 10% interest each month the amount isn't paid. The amount you're in debt too is equal to 2d6x10,000eb. This penalty cannot be taken if you pick up the Wealth benefit and cannot be paid back with starting money. If you skip too many months of payment, the group you owe money to may come to repossess your property or even send legbreakers and other collectors. 

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#1 [url]

May 23 13 11:39 AM

I'm having trouble determining the difference between two benefits from the guide:

Mental Benefits
Limited Paranoia (3 point benefit) You exhibit abnormal paranoid tendencies, but you manage to keep them from running your life. Although others may find this to be an irritating
personality quirk, you always keep a close watch on possible ambush locations and are always keeping an eye out for people packing weapons or reacting to your action. You keep this
paranoia from ruining your life, and understand that it is unlikely that someone is poisoning your coffee and paying off all your friends to kill you, but you still get +5 on awareness rolls to notice
ambushes and the like.

Intangible Benefits
Danger Sense (5 point benefit) You have an innate danger sense.You get "bad feelings" and "apprehensions" quite often before bad stuff happens. When coming up on traps, ambushes, or other unknown or hidden dangers, you get a +2 to your Awareness/Notice roll.

Since the other forms of paranoia are penalties, it seems like the first benefit should be role-played. while the second is a "lucky" kind of benefit applied at all times. It still seems the points are off for this since they affect the same skill roll.

Example: The Paranoid wouldn't get the bonus to notice a trap while traveling down a hallway, but would get a better bonus for "being suspicious" of the ambush in the dark alley.

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#2 [url]

May 23 13 2:35 PM

Not entirely. The first is situational whereas Danger Sense is a global buff--youre not always getting ambushed (probably), but you'll always be looking for something or trying to notice a detail.

Edit: Actually, you're right. This is kinda odd. Maybe I'm still misreading?

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#3 [url]

May 23 13 6:27 PM

Now, granted, I didn't write the core benefits and penalties and others know what I think about some of them like "Wealth" - but I want to go ahead and explain why I would make the 5 point Danger Sense worth more than the Limited Paranoia. While you might fail an awareness roll to realize anything is wrong with Limited Paranoia, if you failed that same roll with Danger Sense - you'd still feel in your gut that something is wrong. "Just a hunch" 

That could drastically effect how you role-play your character and could lead to surviving a dangerous situation. Feel free to remind Referees about these kinds of benefits if you have them. Just post before a scene really gets started or if you're meeting up in something you think might be a trap (I have Danger Sense). 

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#4 [url]

Jun 2 13 2:48 AM

so i was wondering, the penalties list already includes regular and major criminal records for 1 and 2 points respectively. if one were to start play still incarcerated might there be a higher level flaw?

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#6 [url]

Jun 7 13 4:55 PM

New Mental Penalties: 

Obsession (2 point penalty) You are addicted to some behavior or activity, this could be obsessively washing your hands and body to stay clean, furiously drawing, sketching, or writing at all times, constantly surfing the internet, or other more curious habits. You must make a Cool save Diff 15 in order to avoid your usual obsessive routine and focus instead on another activities for the rest of the day. 

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#7 [url]

Jun 26 13 7:31 PM

New Aptitude Benefit:
Multilingual (1 point): in addition to 8 points in your primary language, gain 8 additional points in a language or languages. Maybe you grew up in a multilingual home, maybe you took 4 years of French in high-school, or maybe you just learned how to curse in a half dozen languages from your edgerunner chums.

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#8 [url]

Dec 2 13 3:30 AM

Temporal Benefit: (Rewrite)

WEALTH (6 point benefit) You have money, perhaps your
parents are high level executives, celebrities. or government
officials. Perhaps you are merely the recipient of an inheritance or
trust fund. Maybe you just got lucky and won the lottery.
Whatever the case, you are independently wealthy.
Multiply your Luck x10, this determines the amount of extra cash,
in $1,000 (or standard monetary unit) increments your character
receives at start up.
Example: A Luck 5 character would have 50x1,000 = 50,000 eurodollars at start)

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#9 [url]

Aug 4 14 9:24 PM

Aptitude Benefit:

Born Healer (4 point Benefit):
The character has natural aptitudes with healing the sick and injured. This grants him a +2 bonus when using skills such as First Aid, MedTech, and Diagnose Illness.

Musical Aptitude (2 point benefit)
The character is a natural musician, and can play music “by ear.” This translates into a +2 bonus when using music-related skills, such as Play Instrument and Composition (musical, not lyrical). Note that this does not affect singing; you’ll want to take the “Voice” advantage for that.

Scientific Aptitude (4 point benefits)
The character is a natural scientist, and gains a +2 bonus when using skills such as Anthropology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Zoology.

Mental Benefits:

Cool Under Fire (2 point benefit)
A character who is Cool Under Fire never suffers skill roll penalties (CP2020 v2.01, page 42) when Under Stress or Under Attack.

Temporal Benefits:

Fashion Victim (2 point benefit)
A character with this advantage can make anything look stylish and hip through sheer talent. This grants a +2 bonus to all Personal Grooming and Wardrobe & Style skill rolls.

Salesman (4 point benefit)
A character with the Salesman advantage is a natural at making a sale. When attempting to buy or sell goods, the character gains a +2 bonus to Human Perception, Persuasion & Fast Talk, and Streetwise skill rolls (if applicable).

Technical Aptitude (4 point benefit)
The character is good with fixing things, and therefore gains a +2 bonus when using skills such as Aero Tech, AV Tech, Basic Tech, Cybertech, and Gyro Tech. Note that this is NOT a bonus skill level, and has no effect on medical skills.

Physical Benefits:

Brawny (4 point benefit)
Strong characters are better able to employ their muscles for lifting and carrying. When calculating how much a Strong character may carry or dead lift, act as if their Body attribute is 2 points higher than it actually is. This advantage also grants a +2 bonus to any Strength Feat skill rolls the character makes.

Fast (2 point benefit)
Quick characters add 3 points to their effective Run score. These additional points do not affect the character’s Leap score, which should be calculated using the character’s unmodified Run total.

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#10 [url]

Aug 4 14 9:40 PM

Mental Penalties:

Cowardice (4 point penalty)
Any time the character tries to accomplish a task which may cause him physical harm, he must make a Save against Cool at -2 in order to show some guts and stick around. If he fails, he must run or hide, whichever is more convenient.

Weak Stomach (4 point penalty)
Anytime the character sees anything disgusting or gross, he must make a Save vs. Cool. If he fails, he will become nauseous, suffering -4 to all skills until he is away from the offending sight. Just seeing blood itself gives him a +2 to his Cool, but stuff like severed heads and mutilated corpses can create a -4 (or worse) modifier.

Physical Penalties:

Cyber-Rejection (10 Point Penalty)
The character with this disadvantage cannot have any cyberware grafted onto or into his body or his immune system will violently reject it. If a Save against Body (at -4) is made, the Cybernetics will not work, and the character will take 2 points of damage daily until they are removed. This damage is cumulative, and will not heal. If the roll is failed, the character must make a Death Save once per hour until the cyberware is either removed or the character dies, in addition to taking the 2 points of damage per day.

Glass Jaw (2 point penalty)
A character with this disadvantage is easily knocked out by blows to the head, and therefore suffers a -2 to Stun saves after taking such injuries.

Hemophilia (6 point penalty)
A character with this disadvantage has blood that doesn’t clot very well. When injured, the character will continue to take one point of damage a round until the bleeding is stopped, or until he dies. This will continue while the character is unconscious, as well.

Unmistakable Feature (2 point penalty)
The character has a birthmark, scar, tattoo, or other unusual feature that makes him easily identifiable to others. Note that this can include having an identical twin, or looking just like Marlon Brando. This penalty can be removed only with the most expensive and intrusive type of Bodysculpting.

Temporal Penalties:

Debt (Financial) (2, 4, or 6 point penalty)
The character in question owes someone money. The nature of the debt is up to the player and GM to decide, but it shouldn’t be an amount that the player can pay off immediately. This debt need not be based on money, but on equipment that was previously lost or damaged (a car that the PC wrecked, money owed in a court settlement, child support or alimony, etc.). The character need not pay all the money at once, but it must be a constant drain on his resources. Failure to make regular payments can lead to a lousy credit rating, repossession of equipment or property, and arrest. The debt amounts are guidelines, subject to the GM’s whim and approval. For an additional -2 SPs, the debt is owed to a less-than-scrupulous party who will happily cause the character grief if he fails to pay up on time (for example, a mob bookie who sends three thugs to break a character’s legs if he misses an installment). GMs, be aware that a character needs to buy off the debt with IP before he can completely pay the debt off.
At -2, the character must pay 200 eurodollars a month for a year before the debt is paid off.
At -4, the character must pay 500 eurodollars a month for a year, or 300 eurodollars a month for two years, before the debt is paid off.
At -6, the character must pay 1000 eurodollars a month for a year, or 600 eurodollars a month for two years, before the debt is paid off.

Social Penalties:

Divided Loyalty (4 point penalty)
The character has a deep-seated loyalty for something or someone other than his current employer or fellow PCs (a government organization, a corporation, a gang, etc.). The interests of the character’s employer (or controller or whatever) may not always be in line with that of the other PCs. The GM should discuss the details with the player prior to play, and then plan accordingly. Ignoring this disadvantage is a good way for a PC to end up in deep trouble. Unlike Close Personal Tie, this disadvantage does not necessarily represent a loved one or members of the character’s family (though, in some particularly twisted circumstances, it could).

Domineering (2 point penalty)
A character with this disadvantage likes to be in charge, and will attempt to fill the leadership role in any group. He is bossy, unforgiving of failure, and expects those below him to follow his orders to the letter. Domineering people are typically disliked by their underlings. This is reflected in a -2 penalty to any Leadership rolls made by the domineering character against NPCs who are familiar with him.

Drug Addiction (2 to 10 point penalty)
The cost for a drug addiction is based on the legality of the substance and the total cost per dose. Something that costs a lot, or is highly illegal, is probably going to be harder to get, and the risks involved in keeping your habit are greatly increased. Likewise, something that you can buy at the corner market for five dollars is going to be easier to purchase. When determining the cost of the addiction, cross-index the legality of the substance with the cost of the substance on the following chart :

Cost Legal/Common Prescription Type C Type B Type A
1-150 euro -2 -3 -4 -5 -6
151-300 euro -3 -4 -5 -6 -7
301-450 euro -4 -5 -6 -7 -8
451-600 euro -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
601-750+ euro -6 -7 -8 -9 -10

Greedy (4 point penalty)
The character is selfish, miserly, and obsessed with money. When offered a bribe, a Save against Cool must be made at a -2 modifier in order not to accept it. In addition, people of this sort are known to betray friends for a few lousy bucks, and this may affect reputation as well.

Kleptomania (6 point penalty)
The character is a compulsive thief who will steal anything he thinks that he can get away with. What’s more, he may not even realize that he’s stealing anything until he is caught. When faced with an opportunity for thievery, the player (or the GM, secretly) must make a Save vs. Cool at -2. If the save is failed, the character must make an attempt to swipe the desired object (be it a string of faux pearls or a diamond ring). Failure of the theft roll could lead to incarceration or violent death.

Pacifism (4 or 6 point penalty)
At -4, the character will under no circumstances kill anyone intentionally. Unintentional killing will cause feelings of guilt. The character may still harm opponents, either knocking them unconscious or crippling them.
At -6, the character will not intentionally hurt anyone. Hurting anyone will cause the character grief, and killing anyone may cause total mental breakdown.

Rebellious (2 point penalty)
One of the quintessential features of the stereotypical Cyberpunk character. A rebellious character suffers a -2 to all interpersonal skill rolls when dealing with authority figures (police, government officials, corporate officers, etc.).

Rival (2 or 4 point penalty)
You have a rival, someone who presents legitimate competition in your area of expertise. Your rival should be a fully developed character, with skills and abilities that equal (or, in some cases, exceed) your own. Your rivalry need not be a hostile one, depending on the point cost of the disadvantage.
At -2, your rivalry with this competitor is almost friendly and tainted with professional courtesy. While the two of you aren’t friends, you’re certainly not enemies. Business, after all, is business.
At -4, your rival has taken a personal interest in making sure that he succeeds at your expense. He sees you as an obstacle to be overcome, and he will go out of his way (illegally, if need be) to overshadow you, outbid you for contracts, and generally make your business life unpleasant. This competition usually stops short of murder, though he may consider that as an option if the stakes are high enough.

Vendetta (2, 4 or 6 point penalty)
The character has a score to settle with someone. The way he settles the score isn’t important, but he must seek vengeance if the opportunity presents itself unless he makes a save against his COOL -2.
At -2 SPs, the target of the character’s hostility is a single individual, or a small group of people (ie, a rival ops team, a small gang, etc.).
At -4, it’s a moderate-sized gang, nomad pack, company, or organization.
At -6, he’s after only the largest and/or most powerful group (ie, Arasaka, the IRA, or LEDiv).

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#11 [url]

Aug 21 14 3:29 AM

Temporal Benefit
Medical History Tag Forgery (2, 4, 6 point)
2 point fake tag, will hold up to a basic medical or cyberscan, but fails if they do a thorough background check on you. Diff 20 Forgery. Street cost 5,000eb,
4 point fake tag, passes basic cyberscans and medical scans and also adds a fake medical history that will hold up to scrutiny. Diff 25 Forgery. Street cost 10,000eb,
6 point fake tag, passes even intensive scans with a complete medical history mock up and even fake online clinics which will supply medical records backing up your claims as legitimate. Diff 30 Forgery. Street costs 30,000eb

Physical Benefit
Genetic Chimera (6 point Benefit)
You are a Genetic Chimera, different parts of your body register different Genetic DNA codes due to a rare condition during birth. You have a Luck roll Diff 10 to be identified with a different Genetic Code unless scanned in the same anatomical area each time. When leaving behind DNA evidence, you may register as multiple people at a crime scene. This means that only parts of your body that have been modified with Bioware register as having Bioware. 

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#12 [url]

Aug 21 14 3:37 AM

Social Benefit

Contacts (REWRITE FROM CORE IU RULES): Each 1 point of this benefit adds +1 Contact Point (not 5 points). Otherwise acts as written.

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