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Jun 2 14 1:36 AM

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While the Traditionalists of Night City are set in the ways of their culture or revisiting "the Old Days," there is one thing they can all agree on, preserving the Status Quo. Whether its Islamic Prayer Centers, Catholic Churches, Neighborhood Watch Associations, Masonic Lodges, or just a meeting out back of the old folk's home. The Traditionalists are willing to come together and prevent dangerous new technology from becoming too widespread or to stop the infection of the youth by bizarre subcultures and cults. 

-In each District, a traditionalist center can be called upon for contacts from all walks of life. What kind of action or contacts you can muster from these groups, depends on the nature of the district's population. You gain a bonus towards social-skill checks with Traditionalist contacts equal to your Reputation rank-

Hot Issues among Traditionalist Communities:
-Dangerous street drugs (Like White Lightning, Black Lace, etc.)
-Artificial Intelligence Rights (who can trust a computer?!?)
-State Guard Martial Law
-Violent Street Gangs
-Illegal Cybernetics & Cyberpsychosis
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Jun 2 14 1:49 AM

Traditionalist Groups:

Italian Mafia - a large subsect of the Syndicate follows the old code of Costa Nostra.
Yellow Lotus Triad - the Yellow Lotus pursue the old ways of the Chinese Triads, a complicated code of honor
Japanese Cultural Society - Based in Little Tokyo, the Japantown cultural society preserves the history of Japan and invests money in art galleries, museums, and history about Japan. Many are investors from Japanese companies, such as Arasaka.
NCPD FOP - The Fraternal Order of Police go back decades in Night City, with a goal of protecting and serving, many of them suffer from the same ailments that a career combat veteran might, they like to share old duty stories around a few beers.

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Sep 21 14 6:29 PM

{#trace_end}net.orbital.worldsat.sukutei.datafortress>LDL>{traceroute}/Gatekeeper[ -encrypt -decrypt -IGTAv92.960.000...encrypt...decrypt...pass]/VR/


Hello, I'm Eron Davis and I have a story to share. I was shot by the Neon Face Biter gang; drugged cannibals that use the net to organize random attacks. I've seen the e-graffiti on the LDL's coming into this network, "Survive a month, stay a lifetime." (Avatar is a Lo-res model but shows a fingerprint and no distortion as it lifts up its blouse to show scar tissue. Eron has fixed the memory in her head after laying in a hospital bed for 4 days studying Ihara-Gubb Transmormation Algorithms.) I'm lucky to be alive but it's only because of a couple of heros. The man holding the child is Pitchfork. He is a Lazarus employee that was off-duty when the psychos attacked. (The video is annotated but seems to be complete from the Omniplex camera footage).

The final 20 seconds or so of the footage is very interesting. [Notice or System Knowledge @25, Video Manipulation or Networking @15] (You see the muzzle flashes as two gunman fire into the mob from cover 60 degrees apart using a dataterm and parked vehicle. As the overturned van becomes visible the mob flows toward a third person. It's a slaughter but now the data is starting to make sense. Four survivors, 3 dead victims and 17 of 25 gang members dead or captured. The mob piles up farthest from the camera toward the west where Eron was running. Image Enhancement can only help so much with the low pixel density and frame rate of the camera at that range. The video continues to run as a person in a hoodie jacket checks the victims and the girl. A man turns toward the camera craddling a small, wounded child as the other person flips the hoodie inside out and leaves the scene to the NW. The van that looks lived-in is tipped over. The police bots enter and the video ends.)

I'm SIN-less like the Nomad refugees that were attacked. My family is 3rd generation AgriGen tenant farmers from Iowa. We don't come from much money or influence but we have good morals and a tight community. I took an opportunity for an education and a better way of life in Night City. My family was concerned about the stories of violence and lawlessness but I never thought it was this bad. I'm lucky to be alive. I'm ashamed I ran but I did come back. Watching the two men ignore the overwhelming odds and risk their lives for strangers inspired me to do what I could. I only know a little about first aid but it was enough to give Elizabeth a chance.

This experience has taught me that we need to stand up for what is right as a communitee. That's why I've decided to volunteer for the local Netwatch to help make the streets safe for everyone. Thank you for time.

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Oct 3 14 10:10 AM

A suspect believed to be the Tattoo Artist has been captured. You can access the full story on WNS. He was found in Mole City following a lead on a stolen ToyoChev. NCPD has taken custody of the suspect. (An image shows the arrest scene with NCPD MaxTac units loading a person into an AV near Brand Park)

While I was personally rewarded with share of the bounty I believe this really belongs to the Traditionalist Network. Our contributions, whether on the streets, the net, or in social circles, provided the needed information to arrest this dangerous cyberpsycho. This contribution gets us closer to goal of upgrading the Datafortress for real-time alerts and expanding the VR forum to handle more users.

[The VR cast ends. Eron Davis' profile has an advertisement for her lecture on Ihara-Gubb Transformation Algorithms and Avatars next week on the education outreach forum]


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Jul 11 15 6:45 AM

Lieutenant Samuel Green was killed in the line of duty tonight. We are organizing food and support for the family in this time of tragedy. The wake will be held at St. Stephens Church on Sunday. All are welcome to support the survivors.

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