May 21 14 6:17 PM

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Local Capitalists are looking to exploit recent crisis in Night City and have provided a multitude of Investment Opportunities for those interested. These opportunities have been circulated among local Business Net sites. The Anarcho-Capitalists lament that Martial Law has increased the prices of buying goods through the Net and having them shipped into Night City, since customs fees have increased and all packages must now be searched for contraband, delaying the normal time of arrival by an extra 1d6 days. Suggestions are that in hard times with Nuclear Fallout and Martial Law, people are going to need survival goods and comfort-items more than luxury goods. Also, due to the scarcity of advanced Chipware in the city these items are projected to turn good profits, everyone from Rescue workers to Tourists who are trapped in Night City under Martial Law - require a good chip every now and then. 

Short Term Profit Plans

BioTechnia Pharmaceuticals
-Syncomp 15, Cost: 15eb per dose (sold in 10 unit boxes for 150eb)+30eb Shipping
-Medscanner, Cost: 300eb+60eb Shipping
-BioTechnia Toxi-Stoppers (+4 to Save), Cost: 2000eb/dose (sold in packs of 4 for 8,000eb)+1,600 Shipping & Handling (Hazardous Materials Stamps Required)

Survival-Max Water Solutions
-Kibble (for 1 week), Cost: 50eb+10eb Shipping (Shipping is free if you order 100 protein packs for 5,000eb)
-Water Distillation Rig (For a Family), Cost: 100eb+20eb Shipping
-Water Purification Kit (Personal), Cost: 50eb+10eb Shipping
-Water Purification Kit (Family), Cost: 100eb+20eb Shipping
-Filter Mask, Cost: 3eb+2eb Shipping (Free Shipping if you order 10 at once)
-Gas Mask, Cost: 200eb+40eb Shipping
-Filter Mask (Extra Filters), Cost: 3eb+2eb Shipping (Free Shipping if you order 10 at once)
-Gas Mask (Extra Filters), Cost: 10eb+2eb Shipping (Free Shipping if you order 10 at once)
-Radsuit (16SP, 6 RSP, 8+2hrs air, EV-3) Cost: 30,000eb +6,000eb Shipping (Delicate Materials Shipping & Handling)
-Radiation Meter (2m range) Cost: 100eb+20eb Shipping (If you order 10 or more at once, Shipping is free)

Harmony Universal Faith Church
-DDI PrayerWare Chip (Provides daily prayer services for multiple faiths), Cost: 120eb+24eb Shipping

ZetaTech Global Chipware 

(Chipware is sent via express mail and insured, cost of shipping is 50% cost, though if bulk chips are purchased up to 10 units at once, the shipping/insurance price does not increase)MRAM Chip Costs by Rank & QualityFreeware Chips, (limited to Rank 1 in a skill), Cost: 0, Special: Advertisements spam AR vision or repeat in hearing range or even in dreams while active. Other possible side effects.
Guide Chips, Cost: 50eb per rank of skill (these chips are Expert skills keyed to information about the local city or environment), Special: Advertisements and promotional brand conditioning. 
Cheap Chips, Cost: 100eb per rank of skill, Special: Often contain small advertisements or promotional brand conditioning.
Good Chips, Cost: 200eb per rank of skill, Special: NoneAPTR Chip Costs by Rank & QualityCheap Chips, Cost: 150eb per rank of skill, Special: Often contain promotional brand conditioning or small advertisements
Good Chips, Cost: 300eb per rank of skill, Special: None 
Short Term Profit Analysis and Sales Price Estimates:

Estimated Sales Price for Anti-Rad Pharmaceuticals: x3 Normal Sales Price on the Night City Market

Estimated Sales Price for Survival Goods: x2 Normal Sales Price on the Night City Market

Estimated Sales Price for Chipware: x3 Normal Sales Price on the Night City Market

Long Term Profit Plans:

Invest in BioTechnia Pharmaceuticals stock

Invest in Survival-Max Water Solutions stock

Invest in ZetaTech Global Chipware stock

Invest in Private Military Corporation stock