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Dec 22 13 12:49 AM

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The latest Militech energy weapons. From the Fenris Line of products. 
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Dec 22 13 1:08 AM

Offered Modifications
EMP shielding(level 1)-1,000eb
EMP shielding(level 2)-3,000eb
Water Resistant-1,000eb/-1 acc per 100ft.
Different Laser Color-500eb
"Pew Pew"(sound)-1,000eb
Smartlink-1,000eb if added in during manufacturing process. To add smart linking after weapon has left the factory, normal rules apply.
GPS(linked to your phone, watch, etc, tracks your weapon up to 5 miles)-1,500eb
DNA Safety(coming soon! Weapon registers its users DNA, and "locks" so it will only fire when the DNA registered owner fires it. With the smart gun feature it also prevents the user from firing if his dna is in line of sight. 3,000eb to reset)-2,500eb

Note-Lasers are a unique weapon skill. If you don't have the unique skill, use the weapon skill most appropriate for the weapons size at half value.
Lasers(at least Fenris Line Lasers) ignore armor, unless it has been modified/upgraded to specifically resist laser fire.

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Dec 22 13 1:20 AM

Note-Lasers recharge 1d6 potential damage per hour


Militech Laser Cutter-5,000eb
Acc+1(uses 3 lasers to aid in sighting), Availability-Rare, Charge-6, Rof-1, VR, Range-30m, 2d6 damage, Conceal-J
Each shot uses 2 charge. 2 firing modes, Vertical/Lateral. Ignores limb targeting penalty for legs/arms. Default laser color is orange.
Backup batteries are 2,000eb each

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#3 [url]

Dec 22 13 1:30 AM

Militech Laser Cutter S1(Survivor series)-7,500eb
Accuracy+1, Availability-Rare, Charge-10, Rof-1, VR, Range-30m, 2d6 damage, Conceal-J

Militech Laser Cutter W1(Warrior series)-7,500eb
Accuracy+1, Availability-Rare, Charge-6, Rof-1, VR, Range-35m, 3d6 damage, Conceal-J

Backup batteries are 1,500eb each. Special bonuses/detailing of the original Laser Cutter apply to the Survivor and Warrior Series.

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#4 [url]

Apr 7 14 12:29 AM

Laser Cutter W2-8,000eb
Acc+1, Rare, charge-6, rof-1, VR, range-40m, 4d6 damage, conceal-J

Laser Cutter "Elite Series"-8,000eb
Acc+1, Rare, Charge-10, rof-1, VR, range-35m, 3d6 damage, conceal-J

Pulse Rifle-8,000eb
Acc+1, Rare, Charge-24, rof-3/6, VR, range-200m, 1d6 damage, conceal-L
"For those who want a laser clearly meant for killing. The stock is extendable, allowing it to be concealed, albeit poorly. There are 3 "barrels", reducing the weapons self damage. The weapon is made of advanced Carbon Fiber Alloy, making it pricier but reducing the weight of its multiple barrels." Each shot fired uses 1 charge.

Backup batteries, for any laser, are now only 750eb!

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#5 [url]

May 5 14 3:54 PM

On upgrading older models
you can turn in an older model laser to be upgraded to a model of your choice. the cost for this=(price of the laser model you bought+500)-price of the model your upgrading to.

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#6 [url]

Sep 4 14 1:22 AM

Made by Fenris, Sold by Vanlith Corporations

Pulse Rifle “Lightning”--9,000 digi euros

Acc+2, Rare, Charge-36, rof-3/12, Rel-VR, Range-220m, 2d6 damage, conceal-L
  Line Gun--9,000 digi euros
Acc+2,  aval-rare, Charge-30, rof-1, VR, range-160m, 4d6 damage, conceal=N/A
“Also capable as a tool or weapon, the Line Gun has 2 firing modes, the 1st firing a 5 yard wide ‘wave’, which can be used suppressively(dif-20, 5 yard only).
The second fire mode- (negates aiming penalty v legs, if target dif is succeeded by 5 hits both legs for 3d6 each)” 5 energy is drained per shot


Last Edited By: ricochet Sep 4 14 2:09 AM. Edited 3 times.

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#7 [url]

Sep 4 14 1:33 AM

LaserSword--2,000 digi euroCharge-16, ST, acc-1
“the lightsaber close as we can obtain with current technology, it emits a laser which reflects off a reflective surface, creating a contained “blade” of laser. The laser sword has 3 modes which are cycled by twisting the emitter, allowing a thicker or thinner cylindrical  beam to be released.”
Twist 1-thinnest, 1d6 damage, drains 3 energy per round. Twist  2-medium thickness, 2d6 damage, drains 5 energy per round. Twist 3-max thickness, 3d6 damage, drains 7 energy per round. If plugged into cyberarm, +30 seconds of beam sustainment per hour of cyberarm energy sacrificed.

As a cyberweapon, takes 3 spaces, hc=3d6, surgery=CR, but a larger battery allows it self charge-30. Overheating applies to either version.If you fumble on your attack roll, the hilt overheats and causes fire damage equal to d4 per point of charge left in saber to your hands/arm.

Javelin--9,000 digi euro
A mounted weapon that can be placed aboard automobiles, boats, aircraft, etc. The Javelin is a high powered laser that sends out bursts of energy(or laser blasts)
Acc+2, Aval-rare, Rof-1, VR, Range-special, 8d10 damage. Standard battery is 1/4 cubic meter in size, and allows 10 shots.
(8d10 damage ensured at 200m, max range is 400m, every 50m over 200m subtracts d10 from damage.)

Last Edited By: ricochet Sep 4 14 2:05 AM. Edited 3 times.

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#8 [url]

Jan 18 15 7:00 PM

Lasersword X--3,500 digi euro, charge-20, ST, accuracy-0
This model has energy capacitors on each side, which reduces the limitations of the former model. Overheating is still a factor in this model, and can fry key components, but it has been adjusted to only burn the internal systems. (weapon breaks on a fumble, but no damage caused to user.)  Repairs are offered at a low 250 euro for original owners, but raises to 750 euro for second-hand owners. Thickness/thinness of beam, and energy drain, as the original lasersword model.


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#9 [url]

Apr 7 15 5:54 AM

Headhunter Rifle

Rifle, class-sniper, 8000eb
Acc+3, Aval-rare, Rof-1, VR, Range-special, 8d6 damage. standard battery size is akin to a medium backpack, and allows 5 shots. It can be connected to a cyberlimb for extra energy, but drains half the limbs maximum energy/charge per shot.
(8d6 damage insured within 200m, max range is 450m, every 50m over 200 subtracts 1d6 from damage)


Also, Laser weapon models that came before/are above this one are now 1,000eb cheaper.
On upgrading older models you can turn in an older model laser to be upgraded to a model of your choice. the cost for this=(price of the laser model you bought+500)-price of the model your upgrading to.
Backup batteries for any laser are now only 500eb
DNA safety modification is now avaliable
and weapon modifications are now only 75% of list price!

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