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Aug 26 13 6:01 PM

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The Virtual Combat Simulator is a full AR immersion rig and ring located at Arcade-Arcade, you and up to 5 of your friends can experience what its like to be immersed into a hostile combat situation. There are several locations to choose from:

1. The Combat Zone (A simulation of gang warfare in an urban hellscape)
2. The South Am War (A simulation of combat in the jungles and villages of South America)
3. The Corporate War (Choose Militech or Arasaka during their conflict back in 2022)
4. Hostage Situation (Choose to be the New Dawn Temple Terrorists or the NCPD response team)


Game Effects: Playing a scene in the VCS allows you to simulate combat against multiple opponents (enemy are considered to have stats based on the difficulty rating choosen before the game): The actual layout of each combat arena is dependent upon the choices of the players during the game creation. Characters who use the VCS can train in Initiative, Handgun, and other combat related skills that would be appropriate (physical skills like Strength Feat or skills like Fast Talk would have no effect in the game environment). VR fight training must be logged for Referee analysis. These scenes may be run without a Referee. 

Weapon & Armor Loadout: 
Each player has an amount of money to spend on equipment and weapons equal to the Difficulty Level in the VR game. Each player's avatar is configured with weapons and equipment of their choice (For instance: they may choose to spend their money on body armor and claymore mines, or a monokatana and power armor - or simply a series of deadly automatic weapons, etc.). 

Arena Size

(Smaller size equates to quicker matches with faster pacing, larger VR arenas take much longer to locate and defeat enemies in the game world)

1. Tiny - 1 Building (size of a small school, strip mall or airliner), Average Encounter Distance: 20m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 90%

2. Small - 1 City Block of Area, Average Encounter Distance: 50m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 60%

3. Medium - 4 City Blocks of Area, Average Encounter Distance: 100m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 30%

4. Large - A whole district of a City, Average Encounter Distance: 200m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 15%

5. Huge - The size of a whole City or large region of countryside, Average Encounter Distance: 500m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 15%

6. Massive - The size of a whole region of a State or small country, Average Encounter Distance: 1,000m, Encounter Chance Per 10 Minutes: 5%


Each time an encounter occurs, 1d10 enemies are sighted (up to the maximum amount of enemies in the arena). These enemies must be engaged at the Average Encounter Distance and unless stealth is being utilized, initiative must be rolled and combat begins.

Game Difficulty Level

1. Easy - All enemies have 6 in their statistics and +5 to all skills and no armor and light weapons. There is 1 enemy and 1 elite enemy per player in the arena. Player Money Amount: 100,000eb, Player IP gain: 1/2

2. Average - All enemies have 8 in their statistics and +6 to all skills and light armor (SP 10) and medium weapons. There are 2 enemies and 1 elite enemy per player in the arena. Player Money Amount: 50,000eb, Player IP gain: 1/3

3. Hard - All enemies have 10 in their statistics and +7 to all skills and medium armor (SP 14) and heavy small arms. There are 3 enemies and 1 elite enemy per player in the arena. Player Money Amount: 25,000eb, Player IP gain: 1/4

4. Cyberpsycho - All enemies have 12 in their statistics and +8 to all skills and heavy armor (SP 20) and heavy weapons. There are 4 enemies and 1 elite enemy per player in the arena. Player Money Amount: 10,000eb, Player IP gain: 1/5

Player Money Amount 

Players may spend fictional in-game money on real world (2026) weapons and equipment, use Autumn Blade and similar. 

Player IP Gain

The first number before the slash is how much general IP is gained during a failed match (getting killed in the game or running out of money and time), where as a victorious match where you kill all opponents gives you the IP after the slash. So (lose/win). 

Note: Elite Enemies always have heavy weapons and grenades. Their armor is still decided by the Difficulty.

Total Cost: 100eb per hour of game time

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Posts: 2,602

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Aug 27 13 2:26 AM

Player Avatars in the Virtual Realm

Avatar Speed - Your speed is measured by how quickly you run along the control platform for the VCS (no adjustment to MA). 

Stun/Death Saves - You do not make Cool or Body rolls for Stun and Death saves in the VR net. When you take a hit in the VR, your body is zapped with a brief charge from the VR harness - not enough to cause pain - but more of a static electric reaction that causes muscle jerks. You can make a Resist Torture & Drugs roll Diff 15, if you succeed you can act normally, if you fail - you are 'stunned' for one round due to the charge. If your Avatar takes 20 damage through armor, it automatically 'dies'. 

VR Suit Encumbrance - Wearing the VR rig gear reduces your ability to react in time using the controls and your ability to 'see' into the virtual realm are limited somewhat compared to your real talents. (Reflex -1, Awareness/Notice -1). 

Initiative - Remains the same, only Combat Sense does not apply in the VR realm to initiative rolls, however, a Netrunner's Interface skill adds to initiative in the same manner as combat sense would - when using the VR.

Martial Arts & Unarmed Combat - The VR immersion suit maps and mirrors your muscle movements, so you can do just about any kind of martial arts maneuver just as you could normally. 

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Oct 7 13 8:27 AM

Kill count as of 10/6/13
Please note, these are total kills in standard vcs; not taking bastardized versions, difficulty or team size into account.

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