Aug 22 13 9:16 PM

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Z.J. Lionchild 

Z.J. is the owner of Lionchild Studios and a media mogul. He signs all the newest up-and-coming Night City rappers and its even thought that he spends a great deal of his time personally going to the seediest underground rap shows in order to find those who have 'it' before anyone else has heard of them. Sometimes this includes visits to the Combat Zone, where Lionchild actually grew up and whom is actually treated of as a hero success story by most of its residents. Z.J. was a former member of the Saracens street gang and still has some contacts among them. Mr. Lionchild was a rap artist who used the name Lyin'Cub for awhile - he no longer considers him a musician however and focuses on business first. 

(Streetdeal 6, Resources 4, Rep 6)