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Aug 2 15 12:04 PM

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   What's it like to live on the streets of Night City? First off my handle is Daddy Dre. I'm a fixer here in Night City. I know people who need shit. I'm the hookup, the middleman, the man who makes introductions. I put buyer and seller together and get a commision from the deal. 

  Next thing you ask is " you been busted and got a rap sheet with the man right?" Well lemme tell it true homie, 24 years old, and never spent time inside. I could give you some bullshit how I keep my nose clean, but that's whack. I simply stay low profile. Hook up the people I know, keep shit careful, and keep away from gangland drama. See a brutha join a gang, and that gangsta at the head of the table talks all about the set and pride and all that nonsense...but when he sends a nigga out to sling dope and risk arrest who's at risk? He's at home watching the game on T.V. while his boy is sweatin 5-0 on the corner. Send you out on a drive by for rep and gang pride? That's bullshit. Young bruthas get roped into that shit...hell I got roped into that shit...and it's all junk.

   So now you know what I do and what I'm about. I'm straight up hustlin for a livin every damn day.

  My life ain't all Al Capone middleman bullshit though. I play ball at the Y every week showing off my game. I do a little gamblin when the mood strikes me. I meet up with my contacts and keep in touch. Even if they got jack shit for me, they gotta know my mad love is still there. I go to parties when I'm invited, and generally keep out of the romantical entanglements because most bitches I've met are fuckin crazy. I live in my whip and home is wherever I fuckin park for the night. Every day promises a new adventure, a new scheme, or another way for me to end up dead.

  This is the life in Night City bitches...and I wouldn't trade it for a fuckin thing.

Training: Endurance {Really pushing those hoops sessions at the Y}
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Aug 8 15 8:39 AM

You just nevah know...

Met a lady at a party a day or two ago. We just talked a bit, wasn't no thing...but I started thinking I might need a pad to crash in. While living in the car is ok for a minute, there's something about having your own bathroom, shower, and a place to stay that's settling. Like you got roots yaknow. Anyhow I'm tryna figure out where to put my posters and shit, and the next thing I know, the fuckin Lakesiders busted down the door and tried to kill my ass. Why the fuck did they do it? I donno. They seem to think I got some of their boys killed somehow. We traded shots and after two fuckin days of this apartment, they shot the shit up. If it wasn't for that dude a couple floors up that always plays donkey kong or whatever, I'd be fuckin dead yo.

We made it out and greg busted that psycho Lakesider leader right in his dome. I put two in his dome too and we got a ride outta there from a latino chick name Rojas. At this point I don't have a fuckin clue what's up. Lakesiders are all wanting me dead, my place is compromised, and I'm back to living like a nomad till I can figure shit out. Maybe this Rojas and Greg can help me figure shit out. Hope so brutha, cause it's gonna be hard to get answers on my own.

Still training Endurance

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Aug 18 15 5:07 AM

Just saw some shit on the news...

Lakeside school went up in smoke bruh. Derigibles and rockets was one story I heard. Another was that Baptiste raided the place with alot of thugs and blew it sky fuckin high. Whatever the score, whatever the story, whatever the reason, one of Lakesider's biggest weapon caches got fucked!!!

I don't have a dog in this fight at all cuz. Well cept that the Lakesiders hate this nigga and seem to be lookin for a reason to put alot of bullets in my ass. With that said...enemy of my enemy is my brutha...and it seem my brutha hit those fools right in the gooch. Every dog has his day and I can smile knowin this day is my day. Lakeside hittin the downslope and alota niggas gonna jockey for spots with Malachi King being in everyone's crosshairs. That said...maybe those fools will forget this nigga and let me be.

Training Driving

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