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Aug 23 15 9:59 AM

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=13pxCITINET #: 89275201
=13pxNAME: Daddy Dre
=13pxAKA: Ladies just call me Daddy, nawsayin
=13pxAGE: 25
=13pxOCCUPATION: Makin dat paper
=13pxHOBBIES:  Shootin hoops, Parties, and Hangin with my boys
=13pxORIENTATION: I like all manner of girls
=13pxINTERESTS: Making bank, uppin my street cred, The usual shit
=13pxHOW TO CONTACT: Shoot me a pm or summin
=13pxTURN ONS: What about a woman aint a turn on?
=13pxTURN OFFS: Aint about no crazy jealous bitches.
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