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May 28 14 2:51 AM


We here at Net 54 would like to wholeheartedly apologise for the fraudulent news posted on the night prior. We are working to discover the source of the intrusion. Please rest assured that Net 54 upholds the highest standards of integrity both behind, and in front of the camera. We apologise for the confusion this matter has created.

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Jul 14 14 9:17 AM

Daring Prison Break Manhunt Gone Bust

It's been one week since a transport van carrying Heather Rochester was stopped by a group of edgerunners. According to the police reports the transport vehicle as well as the security vehicle was stopped when a woman appeared to be having car trouble on their route. The driver stopped to give assistance and the two vehicles were halts by a pair of male edgerunners. 

One of the men was fully geared up in battle armor, while the second was in military armor. While his face was seen, the cameras in the area were not able to capture a good image. The female however was identified as Talia Monroe. A fixer who uses the street name of Tease. Once the security crew was under control, she took Ms. Rochester from the van, and left the scene. The police dragnet was unable to capture either woman.

Police have issued a full statement on the break. Monroe and Rochester knew each other as they both worked at a Kleeman strip club called 'The Hard Way'. Police have questioned several employees of the club and discovered that Rochester, who went by the street name Starchild, is one of the top Pharmacuetical producers in Night City. They also learned Monroe is a recent transplant from the Miami area. 

After several raids the police believe that Starchild's drug operation in the Night City has been dismantled. Evidence of three labs were found in the area, but the labs themselves were missing. A woman whom the police identify only as 'the roomate' said Tease did her own thing, while she did hers, and they rarely if ever worked together. 

The NCPD is turning to the public because their trail have obviously went cold. Sources in Miami Florida are also in on the hunt searching for the two women, however have yet to uncover them. The family of Heather Rochester is offering a 15 thousand dollar reward for her capture and return to Night City.

The women are both considered armed and dangerous and people are being advised not to try to apprehend them.  

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Jul 28 14 8:28 AM

Mayor 'Spagetti Legs" Speaks

Yeah, I'm still breathing. I want to thank all of you for your support, especially the AWKN fans. I turned down your donation. A Body-bank leg from Sanja Gruppa and a slightly used ICE cyberbar-leg is enough for me. We had a war here and got enough to worry about without the mayor sucking tax dollars...(Xander looks across his audience assembled on the steps of the shelled City Hall)...Alexina Davidson didn't die, but I gave up the ghost.

For four minutes, till some AV ambulance revived my ugly ass. Lexi D cut through her own leg got crushed and turned numb. Hell, made it home for dinner crawling through a war-zone. AWKN fans, that's metal as frack and deserves a super-chromed customized cyberleg! (waits for applause)

Look, I got offered assassin insurance before the votes even came in. Now, I'm not saying that it was a 'hard sell. That don't make sense. I ain't even claiming to "Die for Night City." Had enough of that. I already warned you. It ain't me you should be worried about. Hell; NCPD, the Corps, City Council, the Religions, all want to think of me as the enemy...Well, better me than you. (Grins like a Jack-o-lantern left out too long) And, just wait. I'm about to add Organized Crime, the Gangs, and all you Liberals to that list, too.

Night City, my emergency powers are over next week but I'm still here. Most of us survived, but that ain't news. (shakes head) Nah, most us take that same chance, everyday, stepping on the street just working. Not trying to revise history, Sheee-it...I posted it on the 'Net. (Stares at the Network 54 camera crew) You want some back-door, favor-trading, no-fracking-handshake dealings, well, I ain't your bitch. I'm the Mayor of Night City. All us frackers just surviving.

Tell you one thing that's going to be different. I give a shit. (nods) Yup. Sure, the Judiciary Committee talking impeachment before I take office, but those seized drug labs provided medicine citizens needed. Hope to keep that program going. Hope to expand it. (nods)

I'm already working with City Services to convert our unused trash trucks to dispense kibble for the homeless. The bureaucrats can bitch all they want, but it's time City Hall starts thinking about everyone calls this city home, SIN's or not. I've heard enough of "got to steal to survive." Need to build a wall to keep the crime out, something is broken. (Shakes head)

As we investigate the crimes of the evil corporate executives behind Project Titan, the murder of Mac Stone, and the wasted tax dollars toward a super soldier program, I admire Genetek's commitment toward restitution. They are choosing food instead of war in addition to rebuilding their market value for our invested pensioners. City Planner Prometheus is already directing a fleet of bulldozers to reclaim the destroyed buildings and ruined harbor for the foundation of the first 'Living Building.' We need fresh food instead of a zoo full of technologically necromanced animals we can't even eat. Genetek agrees and has invested in this project. Ambition Park will be only a few feet above the ash, rubble, and graves of the unknown from this war. Destruction and Renewal. Life and Death. We need a memorial and a warning for future generations: beware for we are not gods, only a part of the natural world.

Now, I need to remind you. CEO Kilroy Vanlith is wanted for murder and treason in our city; but don't mean everyone at TriOp is a criminal. What about the super-soldier Sarah got fired, pit-fighting making ends meet? Julia from clone batch 34, project abandoned, with no SIN? The AI built for nuke war strategy in cold-storage? Stone's cyber-baboons? This is what happens when you, our corporate citizens, choose to ignore basic humanity. Yes, it's all of you. Will you sign off on that piece of paper? Will you risk your job to actually do it? Yeah, that's right. It's not the corps I want to hold accountable. All those low-level employees working under some sociopath executive. Well, their day has come. Wagering your corp's reputation to amass resources to pervert and enslave humanity while costing us our jobs. (Snarls and points at the camera) This is Night City. The market ain't going to tolerate that kinda shit. Neither will we.

We are the living, the sentient and you will respect us; for we are many. Oh, yes. You can live in our new world or die in your old one, alone on your pile of data chips that you believe hold wealth. I'm tired of fantasy. This is real life. I've already submitted legislation to legalize drugs and prostitution. Not because it's righteous or a solution to crime but because I'd rather trust the free market. I believe that slavery whether enforced by addiction, programming, poverty, or death is illegal. I can't hand out guns on the street corner, but I hope every criminal in this City knows that we are all armed and have had enough. Our citizens take care of themselves.

Governor Black has chosen to punish abuse of power with legal castration for the Militech corporation. I can understand but I don't agree. He has dropped thousands of unemployed on our hands. The era of corporate police is over but I think we can do better. We need you. Please apply to the Night City Police Department. Our NCPD officers deserve all the resources the bloated budget can give them. Yeah, sure, we going to have robots on the street but at least they ain't corrupt. Hell, if a robot stops the bullet shoulda hit his partner serving her City, well, that was worth it. And I challenge all of you, so called, rogue AI's. We need officers and if you want to experience life on the streets, well, we are hiring. I will personally guarantee a full SIN and pension for service.

I'm tired of our citizens afraid to call the police. Do you want to live in a city gets a rape a minute, a murder every 5? None of this is going to work unless you want it. I'm not talking private security. You live here. I need you on the streets. Sign up for your local neighbourhood watch. I want a city where every fracking criminal scared that victim going to shoot them down like a rapid dog, foaming at the mouth. One last thing in case you looking at your bank account wondering; I can't be bought. Maybe first Mayor ever do the job, and that's ok with me.

Thank you. I'll take questions after this Deth Metal set.

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Oct 19 14 5:40 AM

NorCal training exercise goes awry

In an unfortunate series of events, a NorCal aviation exercise reportedly bombed the town of El Centro off the US Route 8 in what our confidential informant describes as a 'freak accident'. Authorities have told us that the town, once a bustling village in the late 1990's, was likely unoccupied at the time. No casualties are expected, and members of Night City's roadworks department are already en route to clean the debris. Traffic is likely to be blocked for several days, however, and we at Net 54 recommend finding a new route in the interim.

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#45 [url]

Jan 2 15 3:47 AM

How much 'ware is too much 'ware?

Biotechnica made a new release today signing off on successful applications of neuralware implementation on children - not teens, mind you, children as young as 4 years old. They've even hinted at experiments on younger subjects, maybe even pre-natal. Beyond the concerns of surgical damage to developing minds, do we really want to be a group of people who were suddenly okay with jamming metal into our kid's - maybe our unborn children's - brains? At what point do we draw a line? Are we going to far? Haven't we already? It's a new year, and things are already looking down.

I'd never go as far as boycotting or picketing Biotech's facilities or offices - as much as I dislike them right now, I have to admit we will always have a need for their services - but at the very least, we should open a discussion on this. Who were the mothers and fathers who allowed a cold corporation to meddle with their kid's heads? How many died due to BT's malfecience? Will we ever know? How many more will be effected? They tout their new techologies as "cyberware without the cyber", but does that give them carte blanche to crack open our children's skulls? What does this mean for us as a people, as a culture?

I can't answer most of the questions presented. I doubt I'll ever be able to. I don't think I want to, either.

- Concerned Journalist

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#46 [url]

Aug 19 15 2:00 AM

Airbase Raid 01/24/2028 {Notice the backdate}

Officials from the united states air force are looking for answers tonight, as two helicopters and several loads of supplies were taken from McCord Field. The choppers in question were a cargo helicopter, also called a Chinook, and a Bell Evil Eye Gunship. Preliminary reports suggest 3 military policemen are dead, and one missing. Twenty three year old Jennifer Minor of Memphis Tennessee. The investigators in this theft have been very tight lipped about the details, however network 54 has learned that Ms. Minor has many unpaid bills and outstanding debts. She also holds a private helicopter pilots license and it's speculated that she might have joined a terror cell, or stole the vehicles with accomplices to make a black market arms sale. Network News 54 will keep you abreast of developments in this story.

{The story was a hot topic nationally for about 2 weeks. Many of those stories delved into the the life of Jennifer Miner and painted her as the mastermind behind the heist. The lack of evidence at the scene gave the federal investigators nothing to go on, and the case has been put in a cold case file as of 01/01/2029. Jennifer Miner has a warrant for her arrest and a reward for her capture is 25000 euro. Charges theft of government property, desertion, transport and sale of illegal munitions}

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