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Sep 30 12 7:40 PM

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This listing is for common Night Commercials of existing or upcoming products.


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Sep 30 12 7:48 PM



From Raven Microcybernetics R&D Laboratories right here in Night City, comes the new Kaliayev line of cybernetics systems, electronics, and defensive units.

Presenting: The Interface Stunner

The Interface Stunner is a revolutionary defensive system for use in the field against cybernetic foes. The device is perfect for military or police support in combating cybercrime and cyberterrorism. Capable of plugging into any interface port - the Stunner charges the circuits with enough electricity to overwhelm the higher brain functions of a subject with neuralware and induces a temporary coma as well as shuts down neuralware processing for a time.


Kaliayev Interface Stunner

Accuracy: -1
Damage: Special (Immobilization for 2d6 rounds - only works on those with neuralware and interface cable jacks)
Rof: 1
Clip: 4
Range: Melee
Relaibility: Standard
Conceal: Pocket
Cost: 450eb

Replacement batteries cost 100eb, though a wall charger unit can be purchased for 200eb that allows for recharge (this takes 12 hours from a standard wall socket).

Video of the Interface Stunner in Action:

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Oct 23 12 3:08 AM

Children's Hospital has announced a benefit celebrity basketball game at the Night City sports complex. In attendance will be Night City Ranger Max {Blaster} Borne, television star Kip Potter, Mayor Max Stone, fashion model Kim Denton, Net 54 personality Kit Mitger, Bes Isis, several corporate sponsors and are planning to attend. Tickets for the event can be purchased through ticketmaster locations, or at the box office. All procedes from the event will go towards a new wing on the neonatal intensive care unit.

Please come and show your support.

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Mar 9 13 5:54 PM


The Night City Digital Power-Lotto has now been raised to 7 Million Eurodollars! The largest its been in many years. The Digital Power-Lotto is considered the fairest lottery to date, created using a seven digit number randomly generated by one of the world's most powerful artificial intelligence programs known only as the Lottotron! Lottotron's computations have already begun, but its final number algorithm will not be finished until April 15th. Buy your tickets now!

Lottery Ticket Price = 2 eurodollars (choose a 7 digit number or pick randomly)


(State Taxes to winnings do apply)

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#4 [url]

May 4 13 11:40 PM



From Raven Microcybernetics R&D Laboratories right here in Night City, comes the new Kaliayev line of cybernetics systems, electronics, and defensive units.

(Cost: 920eb)

Kick  -1 WA  N  P  3d6 (+50eb can be spiked for AP)  -  -  VR  1m  970
S 15  EV 0   Two spaces for cyberlimb options/weapons.  +2 to MA

The Battle Boot has room for two cyberlimb options.  Hydraulic rams are not compatible.  Boots may be ordered to have options, not weapons, installed at the factory (a cybertech mechanic could be hired to install weapons).  A battle boot option is 90% of the cost of a normal cyberleg option and the installation process is significantly easier and cheaper (no installation fee for options installed at the factory).  Custom installation of a cyberweapon costs 20% of the cyberweapon's associated surgery fee and causes no damage.

The Battle Boot comes in two variations, based on style and function.  The first is your typical boot design.  While not compatible with some cyberleg options (i.e. grip foot), the boot design greatly resembles a normal boot, with color customization to fit the buyer's desires.  As such, this version is likely to be marketed as a more fashionable version of the Battle Boot (Diff 15 to notice).  The second variation is the five finger type (  While likely to attract more glances (easier to notice), the five finger type is compatible with more cyberleg options (i.e. grip foot) than the typical boot type.  It also has a more natural feel, providing the user with greater mobility (additional +1 to MA).  As such, this version is likely to be marketed as the more functional version of the Battle Boot (The FiveFingers Model is +200eb for a total of 1120eb).

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Aug 8 13 4:27 AM

 Militech proudly introduces a new products line, Fenris!

Made by one of our best, We introduce the Fenris Line Militech Laser Cutter. Equally capable as a weapon or tool, the Cutter fires a sort of "wave" that works great for Surgery, Mining, and Dismembering limbs!
No more buying bigger lead throwers to punch the big stuff. End the arms rush with a LASER!
(said very fast)Also prime in space due to a lack of recoil, pre-order yours now for a 200eb savings.

 Acc(+1)(uses 3 laser sights), aval-rare, Charge-6, rof-1, VR, range-30m, 2d6 damage, conceal=J
Negates penalty for targeting limbs versus legs and arms. Drains 2 energy per shot. 2 firing modes, vertical or lateral. takes 2 days to recharge; 1,000 for a backup “battery”.
5,000eb for the cutter, "loaded"

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#6 [url]

Aug 26 13 12:15 AM

Militech Laser Cutter S1(Survivor series)

Acc(+1), aval-rare, charge-10, rof-1, VR, range-30m, 2d6 damage, conceal=J



The Next in the Fenris Line, The Survivor series is able to keep on longer, great for heavier mining work, a poor shot, or when your outnumbered!


(1d6 worth of laser damage takes an hour to charge/recharge)

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#7 [url]

Aug 26 13 12:57 PM

(The Fenris Line Militech Laser Cutter has an updated and more versatile battery package available for aftermarket upgrade - it works in the same manner as the Cutter S1 series)

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#8 [url]

Dec 21 13 8:07 PM

Fenris is back!

#3 in the Fenris line has made it to the market, and just before the Big Holiday!
Introducing the Militech Laser Cutter W1(Warrior Series). This Cutter uses the advanced battery of the Survivor Series cutter, and has been modified by Fenris to really BITE into whatever it cuts. Using the extra charge for more power rather than more shots, it can only be fired as many times as the original cutter. But if you don't have the time to play nice with that thick mineral ore(or mechanical threat), this is just the tool for the job! Buy yours Before Christmas and get 500eb off!

Laser Cutter W1 (Warrior series)     Cost-7,500eb

Acc(+1), aval-rare, charge-6, rof-1, VR, range-35m, 3d6 damage, conceal=J. (Same rules as the before cutters, all lasers recharge 1d6 potential damage/hour)

Laser weapons are a unique skill, Exotic:Laser. if you don't have the skill, you use half the value of the skill most relevant to a lasers size. So if you had a laser cutter but no Exotic:Laser skill, you would use Pistol at half value.

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#9 [url]

Feb 22 14 4:03 AM


{The scene opens in an expensive kitchen where a woman is removing a flat sheet of freshly baked Chocolate chip cookies from an oven, then sliding them on a serving tray. Moments later several children run into the kitchen, grab several cookies, then run outside to play. The woman looks to the camera with a smile.}

"Hello my name is Erika Meyrick...and I would like to tell you a story. My story begins with being enslaved by a greedy corporation who implanted all manner of cyberware into my body. By the time they were done with me I was a metal monster. My only real urges were to take what I wanted, and kill all who stood in my way."

{She picks up a towel and wipes the counter.}

"I attacked the campaign office of Kit Mitger and was arrested by the police. Mr. Mitger, instead of prosecuting me to the fullest extent of the law, provided me counselling, aid, and removed the harmful metal appendages that had twisted my mind. Because of non regulated, forced, cyberware installation I was dangerous. Now...while I'm not on the road to recovery. Hoping that I have the chance to become a productive member of society."

{She smiles and cocks her head to the side.}

"Kit Mitger saved my life...I trust him to save Night City too."


KIT MITGER...change you can believe in!!!

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#10 [url]

Apr 7 14 12:09 AM

The Fenris Line is now releasing 3 new items!

first, We have the Laser Cutter w2, a continuation of the "Warrior Series" that so many Fenris fans enjoyed.
Acc+1, Rare, charge-6, rof-1, VR, range-40m, 4d6 damage ignores armor, conceal-J(Each shot fired drains 2 charge)

Next in cue, the Fenris Line "Elite Series"
Acc+1, Rare, charge-10, rof-1, VR, range-35m, 3d6 damage ignores armor, conceal-J

And we Saved the best for last, The beginning of true Laser-Warfare, We present to you the Fenris Line "Pulse Rifle!"
Acc+1, Rare, Charge-24, Rof-3/6, Rel-VR, Range-200m, 1d6 damage ignores armor, Conceal-L
"For those who want a laser clearly meant for killing. The stock is extendable, allowing it to be concealed, albeit poorly. There are 3 "barrels", reducing the weapons self damage. The weapon is made of advanced Carbon Fiber Alloy, making it pricier but reducing the weight of its multiple barrels." Each shot fired uses 1 charge.

Furthermore, batteries for any Fenris line laser is now 50% cheaper!

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#11 [url]

Apr 22 14 7:01 AM

Video pans outward, revealing an average looking young male sipping a beer on a yacht. The man sets his beer down and looks at the viewer.

"How's it going Na-Na-Night Citttyy! Did you know that, 9 out of 10 woman prefer the "Athletic" Man? But when your busy hustling everyday to make that Dolla, hows a guy have the time to hit the gym? Don't worry about it fellas, Militech has the answer, With the new "Ares Total Rebuild", (video shifts, showing changes to the muscular system) You can have an athletic body without the blood sweat and tears!
(Video shifts back to the Young man, who now looks like this.)image

(He has his arm around the shoulders of Chameleon from "Yacht Club")

Chameleon-"So boys, don't you want to grow up? Go buy Militech's "Ares Total Rebuild" today, and become a man. An Athletic Man" *She coyly winks at viewers.*

End commercial
Militech Ares Total Rebuild
+2 Ref, +2 Bod, +5 resist torture/drugs, 2d6 HL, Surgery=N, Cost=60,000eb

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#12 [url]

Apr 30 14 1:20 AM

Worried about getting a hand cut off and dying? Failing your sports team in the final moments? Freak accidents ending your glamorous life? Fear no more, with Militech's "Hecules Adreno Boost", watch your friends astonished faces when you survive a random lightning strike, drive by, car wreck, feel the power of Adrenaline!
-End commercial-

Militech's "Hercules Adreno-Boost"---60,000eb
auto pass first death save, daily. 2d6 HL, surgery=N

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#13 [url]

May 5 14 4:07 PM

Are you tired of worrying about lethal happenstance? Drive byes, falling pianos, explosions. Or maybe your a hired gun, who doesn't think his armor is something to bet your life on but cant upgrade it because its "uniform"?. Fear no more! Militech brings you "Body Glove Toughskin"! Be comfortable in your own skin, and grin as you survive things no normal man(or woman) could!

Militech "Body Glove Toughskin" cost 60,000eb, surgery=N
Sp:18 soft everywhere, -4 touch sense, -1 attr, 1d6 HL, no EV penalty

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#14 [url]

May 5 14 4:31 PM

Do you often find yourself cut, shot, burned, getting surgeries, replacing limbs, or bruised? Slice that dratted recovery time in half, with Militechs new "Achilles Nano surgeons!" You may be down, but you'll be back, and soon!

Militech "Achilles Nano Surgeons"! Cost-60,000eb, Surgery=N, HL=1d6/2
Improves healing rate by +2.5; round up. For example: After medical attention, the subject would heal 2 points per day. Achilles Nanosurgeons improve healing by 2.5. 2+2.5 = 4.5 but rounds up to 5 pt. healing per day. Works in conjunction with regular Nanosurgeons to maintain a healthy body. Stacks with Nanosurgeons, which doubles healing rate.

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#15 [url]

Apr 7 15 6:00 AM

Introducing Fenris's Headhunter Rifle!

For the fans of Fenris who have been dying for a sniper rifle variant of a laser, comes the "Headhunter Rifle", boasting pinpoint accuracy and a maximum range even more impressive than the "Javelin". If your a sniper looking for the lastest, most badass toy, get your Headhunter Rifle today...and happy hunting!


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