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#21 [url]

Oct 15 14 9:39 AM

[Request] Add to the stats list a 'Humanity' field for the loss of humanity as we augment ourselves or do bad things. This is very important for game purposes to track where we are at instead of having to add up each item for a total.

[Request] Add to stats list a 'Current Luck' This field is tracks how much luck we spend per week before it refills up to the Stat 'Luck' each week. Luck has no skills associated with it the same as MA (movement ability but gear or character attributes could change it like any other skill so it still needs the 'bonus' field)
Both should probably be referee controlled unless they don't want to bother with it.

[Suggestion] Add a player controlled field for 'plus d10' or '+roll' so that players know what they add to their rolls. This would be a 3rd integer column and 'bonus' should be changed to string for notes on 'why' I have a bonus.

[Suggestion] Unlock the "Bonus" under Stats and Skills for player use. This should probably be string also for note on why or how the cyberware/bioware adds to skills; i.e. if I have a Chip for +2 to Martial Arts I can add a 0 rank skill under Reflexes and use the bonus field to remind myself I have that chip that gives me a skill check rank of 2.

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#22 [url]

Apr 11 15 12:52 AM

Need a notes tab under vehicles, weapons, cyberware and excetera to keep track of upgrades made to vehicles and gear. Just something we can just open type what we've done to improve things.

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